Have you experienced something funny, stupid, challenging as you settled into life in the bay? Have you always wanted to write about it? Do you have a secret tip for other people living in the area? Have you always want to blog, but haven’t known how to?

You can get involved in the Bay Area community and become a blogger for Life in the Bay. No experience needed. Anyone can get involved. It is very easy. Write a short article, include some photos. Email us and we’ll make it happen!


Michelle – Co-Editor-in-ChiefLaker Family Dec13 cropped

Although I am a California native; I spent 10 years living – studying, working, (and falling in love) in the United Kingdom. I recently returned to my roots in the Bay Area, and have brought my British husband with me. Most days I feel as lost back here in California as I did when I first arrived in the UK! For more than a decade I have been working in international student recruitment and support. I have worked with students from over 100 different countries, and love learning about other cultures and traditions. My desire to welcome newcomers to the Bay Area comes from the unforgettable memories (and mistakes I made) during my first few months, and even years in the United Kingdom. Even though I was an English speaker going to an English speaking country – the daily British life was still confusing! I hope I can help to explain Californian and American culture, and highlighting all that makes life in the Bay Area so special.

Jessica Harrington – Co-Editor-in-Chief Jess Harrington fam pic

I have spent my life exploring  my surroundings, currently with a son, daughter and husband in tow.  I grew up in Michigan and made a career in marketing, for both large and small companies.  After meeting my husband in Michigan, I followed him to NY, NJ and now CA for his career.  Currently, I’m spending time getting to know the Bay Area and planning adventures for my family and friends. I have too many hobbies to list and I like to ask a lot of questions.


 Jasper Sikken – WriterJasper bio

I’m Jasper, from the Netherlands and the first male blogger of LITB. In August 2013 I followed my wife into California. When my wife told me about her idea to work for 2 years at Stanford I immediately agreed to make the move. She works as a postdoc at Stanford. I’m an Electronics Engineer and for me Silicon Valley is the best place in the world to land. After I received my work permit, I started working for a cool Internet-of-Things startup. Most friends that we have now, I met at the Bechtel International Center and I realized that it plays a crucial role for newcomers to settle down. On the Life in the Bay blog I plan to write about male stuff, the Silicon Valley, and settling down in the Bay Area


Nicoletta Giorgi – Writer

Apparently, I’m the only blogger who’s had the crazy idea to relocate in her late 40’s with 3 sons of all ages! (Well, apparently I’m also the bravest, aren’t I?  :D) The reason was, as usual, my husband’s job! My life in Italy included a job in a local public university, where I was a student counselor and a translator. I quit my job to give my family and myself the incredible opportunity to visit this amazing country, learn a new language and breathe a completely different atmosphere.

Since my recent arrival, I have been through all kinds of cultural differences and bureaucratic procedures: I had to struggle to rebuild not only my own life, but also, and mainly, those of my sons. And that has been pretty challenging!  I’m happy to share my experience with you as I really hope my knowledge would benefit other prospective families!


Maricki – Founder

Hi all, I am the founder of Life-in-the-Bay. I started the blog to assist people, like myself who are about to move to California, to prepare better for their experience abroad. The blog is great fun and I have met great people writing about my experiences. I lived in California for 2 years, then we moved to Wellington in New Zealand and currently I am living with my family in Jena (Germany). The experiences I made in California will always be relevant for the rest of my life.

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