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Spouses living in the San Francisco Bay Area, by em cartoons

Spouses living in the San Francisco Bay Area, by em cartoons

Welcome to your new home in the Bay Area. This blog is for all the people who have left their careers and families to accompany their partners in a new professional life: study or do research at a University in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While the partners have to dive into their work straight away, spouses are at home trying to set up a new life. This is quite a challenge when everything is new around you and you have no reference points. Every little trip and if it is just to the shop, becomes an adventure. Often spouses find that it is not possible to duplicate the “old life” in a new country. New challenges are faced and new opportunities arise.

The idea for this blog developed during my first year in California. A bunch of ladies randomly met at a workshop at Stanford for spouses. One thing we all had in common, we were looking for our new life in California. Spouses in transition. A new blog was born. First it was called Stanford Wives and later became Life in the Bay.

One thing I can tell you, reach out, jump, climb and touch and you will have the time of your life here. The opportunities are vast.

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