Nine Lives Foundation: Animal Lovers wanted!

Nine Lives Foundation in Redwood City is a no-kill cat shelter, but take a peek inside, and it’s so much more. Nine Lives regularly houses 300-400 cats in a small warehouse near 101. Kitties have been rescued from the surrounding communities, but also come to the shelter from as far as the central valley, and even occasionally, out-of state. Started 10 years ago, by veterinarian Monica Rudiger, Nine Lives provides a special home for cats and volunteers alike.

I sat down recently with long-time volunteer Angela, here’s how she got involved:

After a successful career in finance, changes to her health prompted a change in her lifestyle. With a love of furry felines, and suddenly more free time, Angela initially volunteered to take photos of the cats and update the website. Now eight years later, they have discovered her other skills, and put her to work organizing events large and small, managing their facebook page, coordinating adoptions, training volunteers and more. Angela puts in more time than most, and it’s clear that she is an invaluable asset to the shelter. Angela is dedicated to finding forever homes for all of the shelters kitties, and works hard to ensure that the shelter runs smoothly, whether than involves washing blankets, sterilizing litter boxes, or organizing a gala dinner to raise funds. Of course, along the way she’s taken a few special kitties home with her as well.

Nine Lives Collage

A few fun furry feline facts:

  • In ten years, the shelter has given more than 8,000 cats a second chance at life.
  • Every morning volunteers wash/sanitize each and every cat bed, litter box and food bowl.
  • $6,000 is spent on litter every month.
  • The Nine Lives Foundation does not receive funding from any local, city, state or government agency or major corporation. They rely solely on private donations, and adoption fees to fund the shelter.

If you love cats and kittens, Nine Lives has a way for you to get involved. Are you are looking to adopt a furry friend for your new home in California? Always wanted to bottle feed and foster a litter of kittens?  Are you unable to work, but would like to use skills to make a difference in the community?


Nine Lives is open for adoptions 7 days a week from noon. Cats and kittens are housed at the main location, although kittens under 4 months old are usually housed in local foster homes, to protect their delicate immune systems. Some of the available cats can be viewed online, but we recommend a visit to the shelter as new cats arrive daily.


Spring is coming which means it’s kitten season. Nine lives always needs volunteers to provide temporary homes to orphaned kittens, and moms with litters of kittens. Homes are needed for as little as 1-2 weeks or as long as 7-8 weeks depending upon the age of the kittens. Most supplies, such as a large crate, food, nursing bottles, formula etc. are provided and Nine Lives also covers all medical care. Older cats may also need to be fostered occasionally due to health conditions, again medical care would be provided. Fostering is a great way to enjoy some kitty cuddles, or introduce children to pet ownership, without making the long term commitment of adoption.


The center is open 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Volunteers are needed to assist with laundry, dish washing, cat socialization, and adoption counselling, baking/cooking for fundraisers, as well as marketing/advertising, clerical help, and photography. If you’re an animal lover and you’d like to put your skills to a good use, contact Nine Lives at Most volunteers will help out 2-3 hours per week. Customer service and technical/database skill are especially needed, along with volunteers who speak a second language. Orientation and training is provided for all volunteers.

Other ways to make a difference:  

Do you shop on amazon? Sign up for Amazon Smile, and a percentage of your purchase will automatically be donated to Nine Lives Foundation.

Eat (or take-out) at California Pizza Kitchen on 24 March 2015, and 20% of your purchase will be donated to Nine Lives Foundation. (Hillsdale Mall, Stanford Shopping Center, and other locations)

For more information:

3016 Rolison Road, Redwood City, CA, 94063
(tel) 650-368-1365 or (fax) 650-368-1060

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