Introducing Jessica!

Jess Harrington fam picWe are recruiting a new team of writers for LITB. If you want to get involved, (email me at, we will be holding a newcomers meeting shortly (May 2014).

In the mean time, meet Jessica! We connected with Jessica through the Stanford Friday Coffee Mornings. She has recently embarked on a challenging journey to create support for spouses and partners at Google. Jessica will be publishing her first LITB article on Volunteering next week!

Jessica Harrington has spent her life exploring her surroundings, currently with a son, daughter and husband in tow.  She grew up in Michigan and has made a career in marketing, for both large and small companies.  She met her husband in Michigan and has followed him to NY, NJ and now CA for his career.  Currently, she spends her time getting to know the Bay Area and planning adventures for her family and friends. Jessica has too many hobbies to list and likes to ask a lot of questions.


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