Get out and enjoy the sun: The dish area


The sun is coming back and so do the warm temperatures! It is how we like the life in the bay… So let’s forget Christmas time and your cosy pajamas and go out for a walk!

The Bay Area is full of nice places that offer trails. Today I went to one of those: The dish area near Stanford university. This park is free and open to everyone from sunrise to sunset.

There you’ll be able to follow the loop trail. Walking the whole loop for me takes about 2h but lots of people do it running and some at a very fast pace!

From the trail you can enjoy a very nice view of the whole bay and Stanford.


Be careful, as always in the bay, you may encounter mountain lions. I’ve met more little and cute squirrels than dangerous big cats! The good thing is that this little piece of nature is full with various animals, including this amazing crane.


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