End of the maternity leave

Saturday was the official day of the end of the maternity leave for me and almost the end for Linda, one of our most dedicated blogger. To celebrate this, we had an important blog meeting with Linda herself, her little Jette and Mandy, another devoted German blogger. My little Adam was here too, bringing his ideas about the next blog posts we could have 😉

Blogger at Life in the Bay

Blogger at Life in the Bay

More seriously, I am organizing a recruitment and editorial planning meeting at the Bechtel Center (stanford university) on December 11. I am looking for new contributors to help us with the blog. Some of our bloggers have found a job (great news!!!) and won’t be able to blog as much as before. You are welcome to come to this meeting if you want to take part of the blog adventure and volunteer for a great cause (email me for more info).

Let’s keep posted



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