How to find your apartment in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Find an apartment San Francisco Bay Area

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Almost September and you may be one of those moving in the Bay Area at this time of the year to start a new job (especialy at Stanford University). If so, you are probably wondering how you’ll find a place to live, nearby your new job.We would like to give you some advices on this specific concern. In fact, we’ve been in your shoes and we know how stressful this quest can be!

First option, you are still in your country, planning to move in the region in the coming weeks..

One advice: WAIT and enjoy your last times in your country… Don’t waste your time looking for places online, because it is not enough. You have to visit the place, see the neighborhood and meet the building manager (a very american way of managing the buildings). On top of this, in the San Francisco Bay Area (and nearby Stanford) places don’t last very long in the market… Unfortunately, because you are not here and not able to give all the needed papers, it is likely that you won’t be the ‘chosen one’ for the apartment and you’ll have lost time and energy.

Second option, you have just arrived and need to find a place…

My first advice would be to go to your workplace and see what the environment is like. Do you think you can live here? Try to find a nice neighborhood nearby your job place and simply prowl the streets and look for the typical red and white ‘for rent’ displays. If you like the building and the district, just call and make an appointment to visit the place! Often, the manager itself will answer the call and it may be possible to visit the place immediately. When doing this, make sure to have all your papers with you (working contract, check, proof of legal presence…).

My second advice would be to spend your evenings on Craigslist and call the good offers immediately! Don’t loose time, it is likely that other people like you are already scoping them out! Doing calls, you’ll be able to talk with the owner or manager (which gives you information about the place) and you can schedule your next day visits. The website Craigslist remains the best source to find an apartment, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area – and that’s a sentiment echoed by everybody here. Just remember: call when you see a good offer. If there is no phone number, it is probable that it is a bad classified, don’t try to send an email.

At last, if you are coming to work for a University such as Stanford, know that they usually provide their staff and students with rental services.

If you are a staff member at Stanford Univeristy, 3 websites are interesting to look at:
Robinson And Company
Stanford West Apartments
The Welch Road Apartments
If you are a student at Stanford University, visit the Stanford Student Housing Community page.

Sometimes, looking for a place is frustrating and stressful. You’ll feel that there are no places available, or they are too expensive. Don’t worry, you will find something, it is a matter of time and perseverance.

Good luck in your quest!

For more tips, you can read this article posted on EastBay Express: How to Find an Apartment in the East Bay. Very intersting too.

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