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Neighborhood BBQ in the San Francisco Bay Area

Neighborhood BBQ in the San Francisco Bay Area

Neighborhood BBQ’s – Create the neighborhood you love

An article from Linda, one of our blog contributor, coming from Germany!

A few months after we moved to the Bay Area we started a summer BBQ with some neighbors in a shared back yard. We picked a night and invited all neighbors around. Shortly after the neighborhood BBQ became a weekly event every Thursday with 5 to 20 neighbors and friends, which nobody wanted to miss. We are always joking that our weekend starts with the BBQ on Thursday already.

It is a fun thing to do. People just show up as it pleases them. Everyone can invite friends and bring some food and drinks long. There is always plenty of food and nice mix of people. Even when the nights are still a chilly everyone is keen to start the BBQ already and nobody minds bringing a blanket or their sleeping bags to stay out and chat.

There is no burden of hosting the BBQ as everybody is happy to help: The first ones gather garden tables and chairs from the neighbors and start the BBQ. The last ones clean up. Everybody brings some plates and cutlery and takes it back home to clean.

The long table with candles and some torch lights make it look like a summer night party. It has created a very special neighborhood of many different cultures. Occasionally we even plan other events together such as going to a Stanford football game, celebrating a Christmas party, baking Christmas cookies or going on a sea elephant tour in the Ano Nuevo State Park.

The neighborhood BBQ is now in it’s third season (still on Thursdays) and everyone is excited when it gets warm enough at night to start the BBQ season again!

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