A shower for the Baby? No, a Baby Shower!

baby-shower-decoration (picture from the website http://www2.fiskars.com/)

baby-shower-decoration (picture from the website http://www2.fiskars.com/)

When you live in the U.S. you definitely want to embrace as many customs as possible. And if you get pregnant while being here, you’ll be confronted to a big one: the Baby Shower!

Before living in the U.S. I wasn’t very familiar with this tradition (honestly, I had barely heard of it!). But, I did get pregnant and people were starting to ask me about my “Baby Shower”. First time I said: Baby what? Second time I was happy to understand the question. Third time I was even more happy to say that a friend of mine will be able to organize it for me.

So, what really is a Baby Shower? Wikipedia has a page for this and the definition is the following: “In some countries, a baby shower is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the parents at a party. The term “shower” is often assumed to mean that the expectant mother is “showered” with gifts.” (Wikipedia).

Apparently, this custom is not only American but shared by several countries across the world. Nevertheless, the American usage is to celebrate the baby before he/she is borned. Celebrating a baby before he/she is borned may appear akward for European people. In fact, in Europe you don’t celebrate a baby until he is here, in a good health and the mother is ok. It is interesting to see how such a custom can underline such a big cultural difference between the U.S. and Europe!

As Wikipedia defines the Baby Shower, one of the purpose of this party is to get gifts for the mom-to-be (such as diapers, bibs, clothes…), but not only! The idea is to get together, having a good time. If there are already mum in the assembly they can share advices and “how-to” with the expectant mother. Some games can also be organized. If the mom hasn’t revealed the gender of the baby, invitees can bet about the sex and the weight of the baby. It is very commom to eat cupcakes (blue and pink ones can be an option) and to decorate the room accordingly to a theme.

Baby-shower-cupcakes (picture from the website http://www2.fiskars.com/)

Baby-shower-cupcakes (picture from the website http://www2.fiskars.com/)

This party is apparently often organized and hosted by a friend of the mother and is a good “only-girls-get-together” pretext!

Mine will be mid of August… I can’t wait to experience this for real and I will be glad to complete this article with actual facts!

If you also have had a Baby Shower, please feel free to comment this article with your personnal experience and to share your good ideas!

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