Exciting News – Change is in the Air

As many of you probably know, we have been looking for people to actively manage the Life-in-the-Bay Blog. I have been doing it from outside the US, but it has been challenging. You probably observed the swindling numbers of blog posts over the last year. Well, a new era is starting today : ).

We are jumping into the future of “Life in the Bay”.

A new generation of Stanford Ladies is in the neighborhood with fresh ideas to share. Finally there will be blog posts again, filled with tips and tricks, relevant and fun information for all of you who live in the Bay Area or who are going to move there.

We have been very fortunate with the help of Susanne and Gwyn from the Bechtel Center to find an amazing lady called Clara. She will take over the management of the blog. We had a great chat last night and we are both very excited about new projects and ideas.

Clara comes from France – she lived in Paris and comes from Normandy – and arrived in Clara new manager of Life in the Bay BlogPalo Alto in January 2012. She moved here with her husband who is doing a Post-Doc at Stanford. She loves San Francisco and what the city offers: museums, shops, different districts, people… She will be given sewing classes at the Bechtel Center and loves to create baby clothes and women accessories with her sewing machine! She also likes biking, taking photos and meeting new people.

Welcome Clara in the Bay and to this Blog. Please feel free to contact Clara on clara.life.bay(at)gmail.com and say ‘hi’. We still need lots of bloggers and many ideas. Clara will be your point of contact from now on.

See you on Facebook, it was lots of fun.




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