Asha Holi-A colorful celebration

The Asha Holi is an Indian celebration to welcome spring. It means having a good time with delicious Indian food, dancing to Bollywood music, and most important getting covered by colored chalk power. It is a celebration for old and young. Kids and adults alike are running around and having a fabulous time.

The Asha Holi is celebrated in different locations throughout the Bay Area in the beginning of April. There is a big celebration at Stanford at the Sandhill fields near Stanford West apartments. Tickets can be bought online or onsite. It includes free chalk power, dance performances and a DJ playing Bollywood music. Part of the fee is a donation for education of kids in India.

If you go to a Asha Holi, make sure to wear old clothes. It is fun to the covered with different colors of chalk power. Most can be washed off your skin easily, but it might stay on your clothes. People prefer to wear white or light colors, because the colors come out best this way.

You will feel happy as a child, when chasing your friends around to cover their shirt with green, blue, pink or yellow chalk power. Buy or bring a water gun to make people wet and be prepared to get wet, if you are carrying one. After getting covered with colors, try some Bollywood dance moves in the dancing crowd.

Thanks Linda, blogging from Menlo Park

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