The Stanford Theatre Movie Magic

After musing over it for a long time, my husband and I grabbed a copy of The Stanford Theatre movie guide, picked a movie we thought we might like and fixed a date to catch a classic movie.  We chose “Singin’ in the Rain” and made our way to The Stanford Theatre at University Avenue.

We got in line before the ticketing counter and found out that payment was cash only, typical old-school style. It was amusing to see the counter staff with her hands full with notes as people streamed in continuously. Adding to my excitement about entering the theatre, we spotted an almost famous person standing near the ticketing booth, Daniel Tammet, a maths genius and autistic savant. He was here to catch a classic movie too!

Once we entered the theatre, we were treated to the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ recital on stage, one of the highlights of 7.30pm screenings. It was especially enjoyable hearing “Singin’ in the rain” played, a prelude to the movie magic we were about to see.

The theatre was almost an experience in itself. Velvet curtains, plush red seats and beautiful deco. People were snapping pictures and there was excited chatter.

Everyone clapped to the start of the movie, signaled by the dimming of lights and drawn velvet curtains. It was topped off by the roaring MGM lion on screen.

I had a great time watching the classic movie, which was in Technicolor. Singin’ in the rain  gave a glimpse of old Hollywood magic and in particular portrayed how silent films became “talkies”, sound films. I was only faintly aware of the theme song’s context before but watching the movie allowed me to smile together with Gene Kelly as he sang in the rain, fully feeling the “glorious feelings” he had as someone who had found true love and was on cloud nine.

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