Stanford Wives concept is expanding

Although I have been a bit quiet over the Easter Holiday a lot has actually happened.

Doro from Germany, a spouse who now has arrived in Berkeley contacted me a while ago about information for the East Bay. Some of us knew a little and were able to help Doro, but she needed more information. When Doro arrived in Berkeley she soon figured out that there is no international spouse program like we have at Stanford.

Doro soon took matters in her own hands. Thanks to an ambitious and creative lady, Stanford Wives has now a partner site called Berkeley Wives. Thanks a lot Doro for embracing the idea of creating a network for spouses who accompany their partners to California to study/work. Very exciting times for spouses.

Having a Berkeley Wives website is a wonderful idea. This way we will be able to gather more information and create location specific networks. Who knows, maybe soon we will have a MIT-Wives and Harvard Wives website. Any : )?

Please have a look at the Berkeley Wives website and become friends on Facebook! If you want to meet Doro in Berkeley just email her and I am sure she has time for a coffee.

Good luck!


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