Estate Sales

A move to the United States across the Atlantic is expensive. Therefore, furnishing your new home on a budget can be challenging, but does not have to be. A great way to find inexpensive furniture, kitchenware and other household items are estate sales. The estate sales are mostly advertised on Craig’s List and easy to find because of the big ESTATE SALE-Signs showing you the way.

An estate sale is an event where everything in an entire house is for sale: You walk in and everything you see – literally everything! – has a price tag on it. From the bookshelves to the strainer, from the Picasso-Print and the flower pot – everything can be purchased. You can get a spoon for 50 cents or a real Persian rug for a thousand bucks. If you’re into antiques, you can find great deals. These sale events mostly happen on the weekends, starting Friday morning. My advice: go there early on a Friday. The good stuff goes first and the earlier you get there, the higher your chance to get a bargain.

Also, bring some time and a steaming cup of coffee. These estate sales are very busy and lots of people show up, often queuing outside the house. Hence, you might have to wait a while. Some estate sales are crowded with people looking for the same thing you do. The short time of waiting is really worth it and you can get a great addition to your household for little money; but don’t forget to bring cash. Most estate sales do not accept credit cards.

It is also a nice treat to check out the homes these estate sales takes place in. You can get to see great mansions overlooking the Bay Area. If you have the time and are interested in saving money – estate sales are your way to go.

Doro from Germany, blogging from Berkeley

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