Back to Reality or moving on?

Hi all, some of you probably know already that my husband and I decided to leave California and move on to New Zealand. We had a great time in Palo Alto and Menlo Park. We are in Wellington now and we have been busy building a new life again. We have been so busy trying to settle, that I have not realised how much I miss my friends in California. And what does ‘settling’ mean anyway? I think the concept is overrated : )!

The first definition of the web defines settling as: “put firmly into a desired position or place”. I had to laugh! When applying this to a ‘moving-settling’ concept. It has something involuntary about it.

The last couple of months have been like a reality check. Somehow, I still describe the time in the States as unreal. A time you spend with so many like-minded people from all over the world, a time you meet so many new people and make friends. The Stanford community is a very special place and there are so many people out there who make it special. I have just realised that I spend a considerable amount of time on Skype, talking to people in CA.

A reality check also means, that I am meeting people now who have much more stable lives, they are not planning to only stay for a while. It is like I want to settle, but not really, I am still travelling through. Since my husband and I decided not to move home, we are having a similar experience such as the CA one, but just in a different country. The experience is similar but not the same, as for the reasons mentioned above. It is like reality got hold of us and we are back to normal now, where people have normal lives.

It is much harder to make friends here and to get settled. People come from all walks of life. One advantage, the earth is still shaky here, so we did not need to adjust on that side. We still live in cute wooden houses and have an earthquake first aid kit in a safe place in the house.

The support we had at Bechtel was amazing! Reality is, this only exists at Stanford. No Gwen or Susanne are here to help us out with visa, permits or culture, entertainment, Friday morning coffee and other questions. No, you need to figure it out yourself. Wellington is still quite multi-cultural and we have met people form all over the world. It is easier to meet Kiwis here though, than it was to meet Americans in the States.

The one problem I have here is that I do not want to forget my friends from CA and I feel I am tired to make new friends. I feel I am currently prefer spending time with myself, rather then making an effort to meet new people. Maybe this is the time I need to let go of the past. This is also the reason why I am continuing with the blog. I have not said bye yet and there is sooo much more to write about.

Anyway, dear co-bloggers and friends, clearly CA would not have been the same without you. As often, it is the people who make the place, this cannot be disputed. And we will always be in touch, just not live in the same place anymore.

Now I have decided though:“I have, in the past, seen settling down as a deterrent to growth. It does not have to be though. It can be the launching of new growth.” – Jan Denise

Hope I will succeed in launching this new growth.


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