What is your Handicap?

Golfers know what I am talking about and people who don’t? Please keep reading. Living in California can offer you so much. The weather is just amazing and perfect for people who love outdoor activities. You can hiking, surfing, train for a triathlon or go one of the many beautiful golf courses and play a nice round of golf. You have never held a golf club in your hand but want to try it out?

As a Stanford spouse you have the great opportunity to take some golf lessons at Stanford. They offer quarterly classes for beginners, advanced beginners and intermediate golfers. This is the perfect chance to try it. They offer equipment and you don’t have to dress up and by extra clothes for this.

Golf is a very frustrating sport. You have a tiny ball and a golf club that needs to hit the ball perfectly to make it fly in the direction you want. In the beginning you will learn a lot about how to move your body, how to hold your hands, and how to address the ball right. Golf is a lot about repetition and I promise you will hit the grass and a huge chunk of grass will fly but your ball is at the exact same spot where you left it.

Remember frustration? But once you hit the ball perfectly and it flies far you are hooked and you want to do it again. After you finished the quarter you can decide if you want to keep practicing or you are more the mini golfer type.

Check out the Stanford classes and register early enough since the classes are very popular.


Mandy, blogging from Menlo Park

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