How to get rid of those tasty Cupcakes?

Living in the United States also means you are going to eat a lot of delicious food like brownies, cupcakes and pumpkin or apple pies that will show up on your hips faster than you can get it off again. So what should you do? I suggest sports since I cannot resist the candy but want to stay in shape. For Stanford spouses there is the great opportunity to go to Stanford sports classes for only $6 per class or getting a quarter pass where you can attend as many classes as you want.

In Germany I went to Pilates to do something good for my back but when I looked at the Stanford aerobic and Yoga schedule I found more Yoga classes to go to. A year ago I started my first Yoga classes and I was terrible, none of the positions where easy, comfortable nor relaxing. But I kept going and now I relax in “Downward Facing Dog”, stretch my body in the “Triangle” pose or put a knot in my arms for the “Eagle” Warrior I, II and III? No problem. You will learn the language quickly. If you are not into Yoga, try Pilates or one of their aerobics classes they will make you sweat.

Mandy, blogging from Menlo Park


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