Monarch Butterflies are back

During the winter Monarch butterflies move to Mexico to stay there for some month before flying north again. On their way to Mexico some Monarch butterflies prefer to stay in California. There are two spots near Stanford where you can easily observe them:

Every year from October until the end of February thousand of Monarch Butterflies stay in the Monarch Grove at the Natural Bridges State Beach near Santa Cruz. One can easily excess the grove and observe these wonderful creatures. The grove is stroller and wheelchair accessible. After enjoying the butterflies I can recommend the wonderful beach at Natural Bridges. For more information please visit the homepage of California State Parks – Natural Bridges SB. It is an 1 hour drive from Stanford.

The second spot is a little bit hidden and there are also less butterflies, but if you are close by it is worth to make a detour. The place is in  Pacific Grove (near Monterey) next to the Hotel Butterfly Grove Inn, 1073 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove. It is a 2 hour drive from Stanford.

The best days to see the butterflies are sunny, warm days and between noon and 4 PM.

Enjoy observing the Monarch butterflies!

Cathrin blogging from Mountain View

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