Great Museum Deals!

When you just arrived in the Bay Area you probably want to get settled and meet new friends. Possibly you are also frenetically looking for a job. Whilst you should do all these things, maybe take a rest one or two days a week and explore your new territory. Soon you are going to be so wrapped up in work or other activities that there will not be enough time to explore the museums of the Bay Area.

Unfortunately, some of the bigger museums are quite expensive, when looking at the California Academy of Science, the DeYoung Museum, the Exploratorium, and MOMA(Museum of Modern Art San Francisco).

But you can get around paying as little as “zero” when going at the right time of the month. Every first Tuesday a month most museums in the Bay don’t charge admissions. In addition, some evenings are discounted as well. You should really make use of these offers. Go onto the museums’ websites and find the information about admissions. It is just amazing and so worth it. The museums in the Bay are world class and there is so much to see.

These museums have no admission in San Francisco:

Cable Car Museum
Chinese Cultural Center Gallery
Museo ItaloAmericano
San Francisco Fire Department Museum
Visitor Center & Hyde Pier at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Wells Fargo History Museum

See museums which are free in the Bay:

Cantor Arts Center
Hearst Museum of Anthropology
Marin History Museum
Takara Sake Museum

There is so much to see out there, don’t get to intense with life around you and risk to miss out on these great museum visits.

I recently went to MOMA. I made it after living in Menlo Park for 2 years! It was a shame, I should have gone at least every 6 months. Really loved it there. They have many different exhibitions but they also keep a permanent one. Have a coffee, relax and let the world go by. The DeYoung Museum is equally impressive. You can climb up a tower and have a 360 degree view over the SF. Everything is worth your cents and even more worth when you don’t have to pay : ).

Don’t wait for the last minute, go now!


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