Halloween in California

Halloween is around the corner and American retail is going crazy. After Christmas, Halloween is one of the most important holidays is the States. Keep in mind that a holiday does not mean people are off from work, a holiday is a themed day and usually people work. Halloween is deeply embedded in the American culture and many events take place during this “scary” time of the year. In the States you will experience the real deal, unlike in other countries where Halloween is really just a copy of the American counterpart. While you are here you should make the most of this day.

I have a few tips for you to have lots of fun and capture the creepy creatures. Firstly, you have to buy a Halloween custom. You just wont feel the same without one.

Some work places even encourage their employees to wear customs. At my work place we are having a Halloween party. I work in a start-up and people are usually more casual there. Last year almost every employee arrived at work in a custom. It was very entertaining and we certainly did not work a lot. But you can see, people take Halloween quite serious.

In the early evenings kids start to walk around the neighborhood and ask for “trick or treat”. People are then suppose to give the kids a treat (candy), otherwise they put a bad spell on your house. You will see tons of candy in the shops from late September already. Make sure you get a god supply in order to avoid being cast under a bad spell.

Try to be invited to a Halloween party. There are some events on campus, have a look around. Also, San Francisco has a few great parties going on. If all of this is too much of a hassle, organize your own party. We had some awesome parties in the last two years and they are most fun with people you know. Use our facebook page to invite the entire community.

My last suggestion would be to run the Halloween Half Marathon up in Healsburg this year. We did it last year and it was a blast. Healsburg is situated in the beautiful wine country just north of San Francisco. That combined with the spirit of Halloween is just the best place to be for this holiday. People run in all sorts if customs, it is so entertaining that the run is over in no time.

Hope all of you are going to have a great Halloween party 2010. Please leave other ideas and comments in the comment box.



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