Mac Culture

The Bay Area is a special place when in comes to coffee shops and computers. I always thought that coffee shops are places where you meet friends, meet business people and have a coffee. It seems in the Peninsula you go to the coffee shop and take your laptop or mac along. It was the funniest picture when once I went to the coffee shop and every single table was occupied by one person and a mac. I eventually asked a lady whether I can share a table with here and she agreed. There was me sitting on the other end of the table and taking it alI in. I had to laugh out loud and could not believe it. Having lived in South Africa for the last 5 years I didn’t even know how a Iphone or Mac looks like and people certainly don’t have a coffee shop relationship with their laptops.

I was wondering what the people are working on or what they are doing. Some just surfed the internet and others are actually studying for school. Those are the once which not only have the computer but also a thick textbook next to them. Do people use the computers in the cafe because they don’t have internet at home? Or are they showing the world (and themselves) that they are actually working. Or are they just hanging out?  Some coffee shops in Palo Alto are known for students, such as Coupa cafe. Business people prefer other restaurant and cafes.

Basically, if two friends would go for coffee, it is firstly hard to get a table and secondly they would probably disturb all the peaceful relationships between the mac and the individual.

Who knows, maybe one day in the future the set up of two friends in the coffee shop will look like this. Individual – facebook – facebook – Individual?

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