The Joy of Caffeine Kicks…

Here in the US, it seems that people love their coffee a lot. I was never a regular coffee drinker and when I was living in Singapore, I would only drink coffee when I met friends at a cafe or when I experimentally switched my beverage choice and got coffee from my office pantry by hastily tearing open a 3-in-1 instant coffee. Usually Nescafe. This was the fastest and easiest way to enjoy a cuppa when faced with a busy workday.

When I moved here, I decided that I would buy a coffee machine and brew black thick coffee just for the fun of it.  After all, coffee machines and ground coffee seem so much cheaper than back home. I now enjoy brewing my own coffee and drinking it with fresh milk (It really tastes a world of difference from the occasional 3-in-1 coffee I used to drink!) and I think I’ve developed a new interest in coffee drinking. Thankfully I’m not addicted to it yet, but I can better understand how coffee drinking is a culture by itself. It is not just a social lubricant, but essentially a way of life where one may not function properly without that caffeine kick.

Some time ago, a fellow Singaporean friend mentioned about Philz café. It apparently originated from San Francisco and is located at different places such as Palo Alto. After reading what was on its website, I thought either they had a really good copywriter or the coffee must be fantastic. “Customised blends” they say, “A cup of love”, and that “People come directly from the airport just to taste the coffee”. Nevertheless, I got intrigued and decided to seek the place out.

When I was there with my family who were visiting, we were seriously baffled when picking our order as we looked up at a list of unfamiliar coffee choices on the wall. Luckily the barista was very friendly and helped customize our coffee based on our preferences for thicker brews. If you are curious about how good their coffee tasted, I would say, it has left me dreaming about going back again. Plus that area has that nice hippie vibe with interesting graffiti-like designs, which is very Haight Ashbury. Free wifi and a dog-friendly policy didn’t hurt too.

So if you are seeking a nearby coffee joint the next time, perhaps you might want to pop into Philz coffee and try their aromatic strong brew. My only gripe is that I wished they served them in proper coffee mugs.

Jasmine blogging from Singapore

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