Stanford Wives eased my Move

My first contact with the Stanford Wives occurred long before I ever moved to California.  As a Canadian moving to the US, much like everyone else, I had many questions about my future life in another country.  While doing some research online, I came across the Stanford Wives blog.  I decided to send an email, asking if someone could help me with some of the endless questions I had.  Within a day I had received a response, and a promise to put me in contact with a fellow Canadian Stanford Wife.  From here, things began making sense.  What documentation do we need to cross the US border?  Check.  How do we find a place to live?  Check.  Should we attempt a 6-day, almost 5,000-kilometer (oops, I mean 3,000-mile) cross-country drive to California just so we can have our car with us?  Check.  How do we navigate the far more complicated health care system in the US?  Check.  One by one, my questions were being answered, and our nerves about this life-changing event were being calmed.

Finally, 6-days and 5,000-kilometers later, we had arrived in our new home!  But of course, the adventure was really just beginning.  Now, I was a “housewife”, not yet able to work, and not sure what to do with myself all day.  As someone who has spent the last 8 years in University, this was a shock to my system, to say the least.  But it soon became clear that I was not in this alone.  Within days of arriving I began receiving emails from some of the Stanford Wives, inviting me for coffee and checking in to see how we were settling in.  On our third weekend, we were invited to a party where we got to meet the entire Stanford Wives group.  And it was here, that finally in person, I got to meet the kind, caring, and supportive group of women known as the Stanford Wives.

Juliana from Canada blogging from Palo Alto

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