The Carpet

As pointed out in a previous post about apartments, almost all rental apartments in the Bay Area that you will come across will have the same color of carpet. But, you may ask, why this color – a grayish-beige to beigish-gray (depending on carpet age)? The answer is that this is a truly universal color! It is nothing less but the average color of the universe, also called ‘Cosmic Latte’. To be honest, the carpet color is only close to Cosmic Latte, usually. And to be even more honest, being the average color of the universe is probably not the reason why it was chosen as carpet color by so many landlords. An alternative hypothesis is that the carpet color is universal in a different sense: that it is the average color of all carpet stains made in US households. That way, the average stain contrast (difference in color of stain to carpet) would be minimal. Unfortunately, there is no data yet to back this hypothesis. Anybody out there got connections to the carpet industry to ask for research funding?

Ebi from Germany / Menlo Park, CA

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