Bike to Work Day

Guys, before I publish your posts, forgive, but I want to write about Bike to Work day which took place in the San Francisco Bay Area today, the 13th of May. This is a very special day, as you can imagine, the city councils in the Bay Area in partnership with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, encourage people to get on their bikes and demonstrate the benefits of cycling to work, including healthier citizens, less traffic, less air pollution and a lower carbon footprint. Bay Area people are generally very environmental conscious, unlike the rest of the States.

The cities in the Bay Area did a great job encouraging cyclists. It was so much fun riding to work today. My friend and I cycle to work from Menlo Park to Sunnyvale and we do it quite often, but today was special. There were so many cyclists on the road, another person compared this migration to a herd, I loved it.

All the Cities had a refreshment/information stand along the key commuting routes in the Peninsula. It started with Menlo Park, they had a stand at the Menlo Park bike bridge. There I received my Bike to Work goody bag and a Banana. I was so happy to see a friend of mine volunteering for the City, so I got a big hug as well. Then I meet my cycling partner and we continued to Palo Alto. The City of Palo Alto had a stand just in front of the City building and they provided us with coffee and cake. It was just great to chat to all these people in the morning and be treated with breakfast. In fact we met the famous Ms Ellen Fletcher who is a very important person in getting the Bay Area Bike friendly.

She was important in getting Caltrain’s bikes on board program and she was the one who pushed for converting Byrant Street in Palo Alto into a bicycle boulevard. This bike route is now named in her honor. This special person seems to be a constant inspiration to people in the Bay Area. Lots of people wanted to take a picture with her, it was like being photographed with a celebrity. Well, I am so happy I know now who I can thank for this cool bike route. I love the relaxed cycling… and as soon as the route ends it sort of gets stressful on the road. Well, maybe in the near future this special bike path route will be extended.

Our next stop was Mountain View. This City got sponsorship from Jamba Juice and we happily tried a nice cold smoothie and fought of the brain freeze. We past the last stand in Mountain View where my friend hopped on the light rail and I continued to Sunnyvale. I reached the office in a very inspired state of mind. I wish Bike to Work day would be every day! A big thank you to the city councils and sponsors and my bike partner.


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