Garage Sales & Lemonade Stands

The summer is coming back to the Bay Area these days and I am realising that the garage sales and lemonade stands are starting again. When we arrived here, I realised all these sales in garages. What are the people selling and why are they doing that?

A garage sale is a sale of second hand stuff people don’t need anymore. One family or several families come together and literally sale their second hand things in the garage. Well if the house has a garage…otherwise on the driveway or the sidewalk. I came to love these sales as you meet interesting people and you find awesome treasures, things which are not available in Ikea or other shops. People sell furniture, clothing, bicycles, decoration and other useful or not too useful things. People often advertise their garage sales on Craigslist one day or one week before the sale. Otherwise, on the day itself you can see signs in the neighborhood which state clearly how to find the sale. Check out your neighborhood for details. Otherwise, also search for estate liquidation sales on Craigslist, these are agencies which sell the belongings of deceased people. It is sort of gloomy to walk around a house and you know that a person recently died here.

What I also observed are little lemonade stands popping up on corner crossing. Little people sit behind home made stands, usually beautifully decorated and they sell lemonade. The first couple of times we where confused and shy and we didn’t get a fresh cup of lemonade, but then eventually we stopped and chatted a wee bit to the kids and bough a lemonade. You don’t believe how refreshing a cup of lemonade can be on a hot summer day.

The Times reported children setting up stands in 1880 as an easy means of making money. The Globe and Mail first mentioned lemonade stands as a summer activity for children in 1898.

The kids are too cute, being all serious about the juice. You usually find a parent close by who pays attention to what is happening and all of us try not to laugh about the serious business. Kids do these lemonade sales to test their business skills and I guess to better their pocket money for the week. In most cases one cup will cost you 50c. Next time you see such a stand, support the little people in their grand endeavors. It will be appreciated and by doing so you also learn a great deal of American culture.

When I see the garage sales and the lemonade stands I know summer is here.


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