A trip to the many Zoos in the Bay Area

Can you believe the Bay Area has around 3 big Zoos? I couldn’t believe it. Therefor I thought I list them for you and give you some tips and tricks for these destinations. Kids love Zoos. It would be good to bring your stroller and lunch.

San Francisco Zoo

The Zoo is home to a stunning and important botanical collection as well as more than 250 species of animals, many of which are highly endangered.

Fee: adults: 15 $, children over 4: 9 $ children under 4: free

Parking Fee:  Street parking is free (Sloat Blvd)  Parking Fee for parking next to the entrance.

Tips and Insights:

  • Bring warm clothes, especially in the summer.
  • Take a ride with the Zoo train.
  • Don’t miss the Fisher Family Children’s zoo where you can pet goats, sheep and other animals

Oakland Zoo

Nestled in the rolling hills of 525-acre Knowland Park, the Zoo is home to more than 660 native and exotic animals. This is a fun place to be for you and your children. It would be useful to bring lunch and strollers for the kids.

Fee: children 2 – 14: 7.50 $, adults: 11 $ , Parking: 6 $, Bridge: 4 $

Tips and Insights:

  • There is a nice playground in the zoo.
  • Groups get discounts; just ask some people to join. The Discount is available at the entrance, no reservation is needed.

Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo

This museum is an interactive museum exhibit with some animals. This could be an option when you do not have an entire day for a outing. This Zoo is just in Palo Alto and can be a nice alternative to a play ground. It would be good to bring some lunch with you.

Fee: free, but 3 $ suggested donation

Tips and Insights:

  • Very close there is the children’s library. They have story time every Monday  at 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM
  • Next to the Museum is a wonderful playground.

Bye for now from Cathrin, blogging from Mountain View

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