Thunderstorms in the Supermarket

One of the things I enjoy in California is that out of a “non event” you can always make an event. Going the first time to the supermarket was an event. Wowww, all the seasons basically in one shop. I walked in and not thinking of anything unusual in a normal supermarket.

I started my shopping in the fresh food section. The greens were all beautifully sorted and polished, it looked great and inviting. Suddenly, I was standing next to the carrots, I heart thunder and lighting and it started to rain. No….it did’t rain on me, but on all the fresh vegetables and fruits. I was puzzled and could not make the connection.

Then the penny dropped. Every half an hour or so a vegetable sprinkling system turns on to spray the vegetables with water to keep them fresh and good looking. This process is accompanied with thunderstorm noise effects, which when you hear it for the first time is quite something.

Real thunderstorms hardly occur in the Bay Area, but if you come from a country where you usually have quite a fews, you can just go to Saveway to listen to them. Hence, every time we do our grocery shopping, at the fresh food section we are reminded of our thunderstorms we have at home in South Africa.

Tips & Insights:

  • don’t be surprised to be surprised
  • If you miss thunderstorms, find them in the supermarket, they might not be as romantic though : )

Maricki from SA/Germany

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