The Restroom Issue

There is something in California about public bathrooms. Well it starts by asking for the restrooms. In some countries people will understand you when you ask for the toilets, not in California. People look at you as if you are coming from another planet and don’t speak English. In California you ask for the location of the “restrooms” or the “bathrooms”.

I don’t know whether other ladies agree with me on this issue, but I find the public restrooms quite transparent. Often restaurants have a one room bathroom which is great and comfortable and clean to use. However, many public areas, offices etc. offer many bathroom cubicles. Generally, this would be fine, but in California it appears that the cubicles are quite see through. Let me explain what I mean. Privacy in a cubicle becomes difficult when there is a 30 centimeter gap between the floor and the the doors. In addition, there is a gap between the cubical walls and the door. On the up side, no one will ever walk into your cubicle in case your lock is not working, since they can see that the restroom is occupied. On the down side, if in need of a public restroom your privacy is a wee bit compromised, which you would need to get used to. Have you ever watched the sitcom ‘Seinfeld’? They dedicated a whole episode about restrooms in America.

Unfortunately, I am not able to comment on the Gents Restrooms : )

Tips & Insights

  • Public restrooms are mostly very clean
  • I don’t really have other tips or insights to share on the restroom issue



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