Great Bread

A special tip for German Stanford Wives – and everyone else who is interested.

I arrived in the Bay Area one year ago but it wasn’t my first time in the US. We did a lot of traveling before and every time we encountered the same problem: how to survive a trip that takes several weeks without having access to bread. I mean real bread. Good, dark, simply German bread. Of course you can eat one of the numerous sorts of American bread (assumed that you can decide for one sort) but by the end of your third week you wish you have learnt how to make bread yourself.

So you live here now and encounter a similar problem? Don’t worry. There are at least two locations where you can buy good German bread: the Safeway supermarket in Menlo Park (German Farm Bread from Beckmann’s Old World Bakery, $5,48) and Esther’s Bakery (run by Germans) at the San Antonio Shopping Center in Mountain View (next to Trader Joe’s). They offer different sorts of bread for about $5.

Even if it seems to be expensive it helps to avoid bearing American bread for the rest of your stay. To sum it up, here are three tips for having a “feels like home” moment that we all need sometimes.

Tips & Insights

  • Buy German bread at Safeway in Menlo Park or Esther’s Bakery in Mountain View.
  • Learn how to make bread by yourself. Bringing sourdough makes it easier.
  • Buy a bread machine (like I did) and enjoy a lot of different recipes.
Enjoy it! Manu



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