Baby Showers in California

I have just realized that many people don’t know what a baby shower is, so I thought I write some lines on this topic. I know that baby showers are not very common in some countries, but they are part of “having kids” in English speaking or Commonwealth countries. It is a tradition where friends of the “mum to be” arrange a get together of the mums’ friends to celebrate the arrival of the baby. This is mostly done during the last quarter of the pregnancy. I believe it is called baby shower because the baby is meant to be showered with gifts and items the parents still need once the baby arrives.

Usually the “mum to be” have a gift register at a bigger store. If that is not the case you can just bring a nice little something for the baby. Traditionally, only women are allowed to come, but these days also men join into the celebrations. Mostly friends of the mum prepare some snacks, cake and coffee and people sit together and chat. Then the mum gets to unwrap all her gifts. People get the chance to say some words, which makes it nice and personal.

In some countries the mum has to guess what is in the gift, or she has to play some other sometimes stupid games.

You see, generally it is a celebration and a get together of friends to celebrate the mum and the baby. Enjoy once you are invited to a baby shower. It is very likely this can happen, as many women around Stanford fall pregnant, wonder whether this is a bug : )

Tips & Insights:

  • if you want to get a gift from the gift register, hurry, gifts sell out fast
  • bring something to snack to the party, it will be appreciated
  • wish the mum luck for everything ahead of her
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