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Did you know that it will take at least six months to get any sort of credit card once you arrive in the US? This includes store cards which is a pity because lots of the best offers are given to card holders. But there is a way around this, at least at Macy’s. You go to the Customer Service desk upstairs and say you are a visitor and ask for the visitor’s discount card. You will need to show your passport or foreign photo ID such as a drivers’ license. They will give you a card allowing 11% off all you buy for 5 days. All you have to do is show it when you pay for your items. You can do this as many times as you like. They want you to buy from them so they make it easy. A pity we didn’t know this right from the start but it was a Macy’s assistant that told us what to do.

Another way to make savings is to get a Safeway club card. These are found at all the checkouts and also at the Customer Service desk. You fill in your name and address, they give you the card and that is that. From then on, you show this card every time you shop at Safeway and you will pay the club price and also qualify for club offers.

Tips & Insights:

  • there is always a way around things in California
  • Get the cards, you really save money
Chris from London/UK


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