History of California

I don’t know what you think, but I always want to relate to the place I live. If I don’t find points of references I feel I can’t understand the people and the culture. I found a good way for me to catch up on culture and history and that is reading history books or reading novels with a historical relation. Not the boring staff we all need to read at school, but interesting and brief stories : ).

I discovered this amazing book by Kevin Starr called “California: A History”. Check out the cover in the image. I ordered it on Amazon.

It’s a great overview of California and a great explanation of the origin of all the different people living in the Bay Area. The West Coast history differs greatly from the East Coast history and I believe that this is one reason why people are very different here compared to the people from the East Coast.

Kevin Starr gives a nice overview of the “Mission system” , which was established by the Spaniards to conquer and populate California. He goes on to explains how the native Americans were diminished within just a few years and then how no one was really interested in this part of the world and California was given back to the Mexicans. Only when gold was discovered California changed and people came from all over the world.

This book is a good read and it was not boring at all. Now I understand that everyone belongs here.

Tips & Insights:

  • understanding history helps me to understand people
  • reading up on history helps me to understand the present and future


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