My first Day in California

Arriving at JFK and listening to the crash of the Lehman Brothers was not a good sign for my new life in California. My husband and I boarded the fight to SFO, we were separated on the flight and I think we both had our own thoughts for the next 6h on the Delta flight. A friend kindly picked us up and accommodated us in the East Bay for the first couple of days.

We quickly realized that the distances are quite far and between the East Bay and Palo Alto. There was not really public transport we could use. So we decided to rent a car from a special place, which is called Quality Used Car Rental. What an experience, we managed our way over the Golden Gate Bridge, what a sight, and reached the car rental place in Mill Valley. This was a special place. Did you ever come across a car rental place which has a fleet of second hand cars.  What fun driving through SF in 1994 old Honda Accord. Didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry. I thing I decided to laugh.

We felt like heros, ready to conquer the world. Oh boy, we didn’t know what was in for us, but more about this later.

We were amazed by the big Highways and the amazing fly overs. And we could not believe the size of the cars. We hardly saw a small car like we know it from home. At the gas station I did not know how to fill in gas and the lady asked me what car I drive. I pointed towards the car and she said: Aaah, that’s a small car – 30 dollars worth of gas should be enough. What a realization that a Honda Accord is a small car.

The next to weeks we were in for many changes, new impressions, new people and cultures. Bring it on!

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